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I'm spending a year in Australia, starting in Feb, and I plan on staying in hostels, and suchforth, but I also would like to get out to many of the national parks along the way. I love the outdoors and camping. I know some hostels have camping sites also - so would it be worth the extra weight? I'm on a work visa also, so I could be working at farms and such like, do any of them let you camp on their property if you are in their employment?

Also - hiking boots. Ye or ney for spending time alot of time on walks? I know they are very bulky.

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    There is plenty of camping and hiking to do in Oz but, in my opinion hiking boots and a tent weight too much to bring. Wear a good pair of Doc martins or similar that will take you most places or alternatively buy the gear when you get here. Prices are cheap. You can pick a two man tent up for under $100Aus and the same for hiking shoes. Have fun. about 9 years ago

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    HI Mutch,
    A agree somewhat with Elsie. Get a cheapie tent when you get here so you don't have to carry it until you need it. But DO GET ONE! So much of the amazing stuff is found in campsites and national parks and not on the doorsteps of hostels. You'll also find that in remote areas you can often camp for free in State Forests and National Parks and only a small fee in more popular areas. Also look into the Parks Passes, which are different in each state, but would save you a lot of money on a longer road trip (i.e. for NSW see http://bit.ly/uXEoz2)

    As for hiking boots - shoes in Oz are *really* expensive compared to other places in the world. If you've already got a pair that you love, bring them. If not, consider getting something more like an active/urban shoe or even a decent sneaker - quite frankly, there's not a lot of full-on mountaineering options here that would need proper high top leather boots. There's a lot of good weather, it's often hot, and the great day hikes and walks can be done in basic shoes with good soles. You'll probably see a lot of Aussies doing them in their thongs (flip flops). Enjoy! about 9 years ago

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