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Traveling with Triple Nationality?

almost 7 years ago about Asia

I am citizen of USA, France, and Bulgaria. Are there any benefits to choosing one or another passport to take and use with me over a 6 month adventure through SE Asia? I will be in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and India.

Are there any possible problems I could run into by using a passport other than my American one? I have seen that it is cheaper to apply for multiple entry Visas to most Asian countries with anything but an American passport.

Any tips you guys have?

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    I never crossed land borders in SE Asia, but generally for using the Bulgarian passport you may have small delays on smaller border crossings where perhaps some officials cant find the country on their list, or they start saying Bulgaria is not part of EU as far as their list says etc. I even had an experience once with an official on the airport telling me that mine is not a valid passport because it was just strange to him that it was bilingual (using Slovenian passport). Having an American would have been smoother, I guess. almost 7 years ago

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