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Travelling throughout SE Asia or 7 months and wondering what is a good amount of money to budget for food, drinks, and activities?

Thank yoU!

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    Hi Michelle,

    Depending on what kind of accommodation you're looking at I would say around US $50-70 per day is plenty, some days you would struggle to spend $30. I went in 2012 and averaged around the $50 mark p/d by the end of the trip including all transport and activities.

    Hope that helps :) about 2 years ago

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    I live in southeast asia & have traveled the area numerous times. Spent 7 months travelling Europe in my heyday. Except for singapore, at the very least, count on spending usd10-15 per day for food, drinks (except binging), land transport, entrance fees to sights. Add usd10 per day for activities & usd 10-20 for lodging. For Singapore, double the amounts mentioned. Happy travelling;) almost 2 years ago

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    10,000 MIN almost 2 years ago

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    Yes about 50 dollars australian per day, some days you will spend more, most days you will spend less, I can spend 500 a week easy lol have fun, be safe and travel smart xoxo almost 2 years ago

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