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    Kunming is served by an international airport, located 4–5 km southeast of central Kunming that have new international and domestic terminal buildings next to each other. Kunming has air connections with several Chinese and Southeast Asian cities. CAAC shuttle buses (¥5) serve passengers between the airport (Tuodong Lu) and the city center. Transport by taxi cost around 15 yuan and it takes about 20 minutes. Three public buses run on the route including No. 52, 67 and 78.

    While Hanoi is served by Noi Bai International Airport, located in the Soc Son District, approximately 40 km (25 mi) north of Hanoi. Noi Bai is the only international airport for the northern regions of Vietnam.

    There are two main highways linking the airport and city. The route to the city via Thăng Long Bridge is more direct than Highway 1, which runs along the outskirts of the city. The main highways are shared by cars, motor scooters, with separate lanes by the side for bicycles.

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    There's no train from Kunming to Hanoi, so you need to catch a bus on the border, Hekou bus station is 300m from border, then walk across bridge into the town of Lao Cai, Vietnam and then you can take a taxi or walk, just 1km to the station where the train leaves daily to Hanoi... about 10 years ago

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    by elephant about 10 years ago

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    The old bus station in Kunming is still operating, and you can go there to book or buy your bus tickets, but, when you actually leave, you have to go to one of the five new bus stations. All five of the new bus stations are pretty far from the city center, so leave in plenty of time to catch your bus.

    From Kunming, take the bus to Hekou, which takes about 6 hours, and costs around 135 Yuan. There are several bus departures for this route every day, including a late bus, at 8 p.m. local time. Hekou China Immigration Office/Border gate is open from 8 a.m. local time to 11 p.m. local time, though, so make sure you don't arrive after 11 p.m. and find the border closed.

    Something else to keep in mind is that visas are not available at the border, so you should arrange one at the consulate in Kunming, before you leave Kunming.

    From Hekou, just walk across the bridge, and into the very nearby town of Lao Cai. The train station has a orange-red neon sign that says "Ga Lao Cai" on it, on Khanh Yen Street, Pho Moi Ward. If you have time before your train to Ha Noi, there are several cafe's close Ga Lao Cai, and even one cafe where you can check your email!

    From Ga Lao Cai, take the train to Ha Noi. The train departs at 6:45 p.m., local time, and arrives at 5 a.m. the next morning in Ha Noi. However, I found, when I was in Vietnam, that train schedules could change pretty often, so double check the schedule before you go. The train station in Ha Noi is at 120 Le Duan Street. about 10 years ago

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    Take an overnight sleeper bus from Kunming to Hekou on the Vietnamese frontier. The ticket office is computerised and staff are helpful...just keep a tight hold on your luggage! The bus fare is about 87 RMB. At Hekou, cross over the border to the Vietnamese side and use a taxi to get to Lao Cai 3km from the border post. Then use an overnight train from Lao Cai to Hanoi. about 10 years ago

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    Julia, I have been inspired by your answer and therefore bestow upon you the prize !
    Thank you for giving me the good oil ! about 10 years ago

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