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Hi all,
After many trips overseas with my standard point and shoot digital camera for my big back packing trip around Asia I wanted to invest in a decent DSLR camera to expand the kind of photos I have been producing in the past on this very big trip. The camera itself would probably be worth around $600-900 depending on the one I choose

How safe do you think this would be for a solo woman traveller carrying such a camera around with her? I've seen other back packers with these expensive camera but I'm afraid of what could happen if it gets stolen whilst travelling or even from my hotel room.

Any help, tips or suggestions would be great! Thanks everyone!

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    As for s. Korea, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia- no problems , just take normal precautions you would anywhere about 7 years ago

    Answered by M via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    I've been travelling around Asia for 20 years and the risks today are less than they used to be. However:

    1) don't take anything with you that you aren't prepared to have lost or stolen. Happens all the time. Just part of the journey and is far from the worst thing that might happen so keep it in perspective.

    2) just bear in mind that in many of these places there are still families struggling to survive on not very much and $900 can represent a couple of years income to them. So if your camera does get stolen, break out the karma and feel good that you've probably put food on the table of some needy family for a couple more months.

    Oh, and take some great photos. Those memories are priceless. about 7 years ago

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    900 dollars , a few years income is just bullshit and as far as it being sold to provide food for a needy family is more bullshit. Most likely it,ll be sold for sod all to provide some scumbag with enough for a few days supply of drugs n alcohol. about 7 years ago

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    Nana pong, lets take Cambodia for example where the average annual income is about $750 per year. Average in Vietnam was $2000 and Burma is is a threadbare $200.

    Yes your camera might be stolen by a scumbag and I'm not trying to justify theft as I've had it happen to me in South America, but there is a flip side to consider. about 7 years ago

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