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Hi Everyone

I will be heading off backpacking around Asia starting around September next year and wanted to get some helpful advice from those who may have done similar trips. I've been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore before but heading back to travel around at my leisure for a few months (maybe more if I I'm enjoying myself).

Countries I'm planning on visiting are: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, China and possibly Myanmar (if the situation improves there between now and when I leave). Money depending maybe a side trip to Japan or Korea if possible.

My questions I am asking everyone would be:
- suggestions for carrying money around i.e. Cash Vs Credit Card Vs Bank Cards etc
- how i should get my necessary visas while going around?
- how easy are visa runs if i want to head back into another country again
- what is the safest ways of travelling around i.e. Bus/Coach Vs Train Vs Plane
- what are the safest land ports to get into each country

Any information is greatly appreciated as this is a big trip for me and the better planning i have the better the trip (although allowing for spontaneity of course). And, please feel free to throw some other hints for any of the above countries my way, all information is welcome! :D

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    Hi - I'm travelling in many of these countries right now.
    I'd be happy to answer specific questions (here on on Twitter @TravelEater).
    A few quick responses:
    - money: bank cards and credit cards together are good, ideally from 2 separate banks and a Visa and MasterCard. Bank machines are easy to come by. But check with your banks if they have affiliates where you can save some transaction fees.
    - Visas: it depends on your nationality what will be required of you. Many of these countries have visa upon arrival, which you can buy at the airport (sometimes at land borders too). Check each country's webpage for info as it applies to you. Make sure you have at least 6 months validity left in your passport for your last arrival country. Take some passport size photos with you as they're needed for some countries (eg Cambodia). Bring some US cash for exit and entry costs.
    - planes tend to be the safest way to get around. On long distance buses especially there can be problems with baggage theft, as well as drivers who drive too long without enough sleep and using stimulants.
    Happy travels! over 6 years ago

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