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I am also uncertain about my time in Laos, if I'm travelling alone would there be better options than what I'm doing or will I find plenty of people to make friends with?

Melbourne -> Saigon 6th
Saigon -> Vung Tau 8th
Vung Tau -> Sihanoukville 18th
Sihanoukville -> Phnom Penh 23rd
Phnom Penh -> Siam Reap 25th
Siam Reap -> Bangkok 29th
Bangkok -> Vientiane -> Vang Vieng 30th
Vang Vieng -> Luang Prabang 4th
Luang Prabang -> Chiang Mai 7th/8th
Chiang Mai -> Bangkok -> Melbourne 10th/11th

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    It depends on what you like doing, but that is certainly a pretty full itinerary.

    I've been around that region quite a bit over the years, so if I had 4 weeks I'd probably:

    - adjust to and explore Saigon
    - explore some of the Mekong delta. You could easily spend a week doing just that; Mytho, Cantho, etc etc
    - Siem reap & Angkor Wat - personally I'd allow a week just for that but then I love temples
    - I'd skip vang vieng but Luang Prabang is gorgeous
    - there are also parts of Thailand that are still wonderful, even Bangkok

    But if I were you, I'd focus your trip a little more; 4 countries in 4 weeks you'll just glance off the surface. almost 5 years ago

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