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We're a couple of oldies (57 & 69), and last year went to Thailand for 4 weeks and travelled around. Enjoyed it immensely. We're now trying to plan for early next year and having searched online and using Nomads, we thought maybe Malaysia, Vietnam, and I've just found the Philippines, which I hadn't thought about before. We like being by the sea but not where theres soooo many sun beds you have to squeeze through to get your feet wet. Not a huge fan of package tours, quite happy to pick up a hire car and drive wherever, but also like cities and scenery. So, any thoughts?

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    If you liked Thailand, you will adore Cambodia and Laos! Lao people are wonderful and the food is amazing - incredible local ingredients. Luang Prabang, the ancient royal capital, is stellar. Cambodians are also lovely, and the country has incredible ruins and a terrible, although interesting, recent history to learn about. I'd highly recommend both countries.

    If you are independent travelers, I'd suggest avoiding northern Vietnam. If you hire a guide, then Vietnam is fine. But I think you need someone to run interference for you in the north with aggressive sellers, decipher directions, and make sure you're not cheated. I regret having this opinion, and hope travel there improves. over 7 years ago

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    Ooooooo! What do you think about Malaysia? We really like to be able to get to the sea if possible, not because we're sunworshippers although a couple of days here and there is good, but because we just love the sea. over 7 years ago

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