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Hi everyone, I just turned 21 and I've moved around a lot during my life. I've lived in New Zealand, Australia, America, and now Bali for the past 4 months. I love to travel and finally have the opportunity to embark on a trip around southeast asia. Now that the time has come and I fly to Bangkok in a week I'm starting to feel a bit nervous and wondering if I'm prepared for this. I was wondering if travelling around asia is safe as a solo, female westerner backpacker (especially since I've never backpacked before) and is it fairly easy to figure things out (transport, accom, etc.) as you go? I really appreciate any advice/reassurance anyone can give me

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    Hey there, I have been travelling around on my own for years and think that travelling through Asia is very safe for a female on her own. Just be sensible about it, don't do things and go with people you never would have in your own country and you should be fine. If you are staying in backpacker hostels you will quickly meet other solo travelers and end up doing trips with them. It is scary at first but dont worry, within a couple of days you will have gotten the hang of it and just enjoy travelling!!! Hope you have a fabulous time!! about 6 years ago

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