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Where can I go to watch the best tango show in Buenos Aires?

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    I saw several street performers dancing tango. Look for them at the famous Sunday antique market (I forget which neighborhood) or on the streets of La Boca. over 8 years ago

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    There lots of famous tango houses around San Telmo. I would personally recomend senor tango. Its the best! about 8 years ago

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    sr tengo, puerto maderos almost 8 years ago

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    It really depends wether you are after "show Tango" (the one with lots of leg flipping) or the true tango (the one in which the feet rarely leave the floor. The clubs of San Telmo have unfortuantly become very touristy and in my opion do not give a true feel of the music and sentiment of the Argentine tango. The best place is some of the small millongas (Tango clubs) in Palermo,Retiro and Belgrano, clubs such as the Nino Buen are small and intermate. Remeamber though than Argetnines, dont go out till late (things get going properly at around 2 am).

    enjoy almost 8 years ago

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    Solo cabron. almost 8 years ago

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    There is a place real tango show called TORCUATO TASSO.
    YOU CAN GET LIVE ORCHESTRA ,dancing in a very cheap place.
    Search for tickets before in internet or by fone almost 8 years ago

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