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I could always just bypass and go another time of year. Was hopeful about going from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego but don't want to go if everything is closed and I can't move because my bones are stuck like ice.

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    It will be the middle of their winter so will be pretty cold. It will also be quite dark due to it being so far South. That said Tiera Del Fuego is stunning and at that time of year the ski resorts are open if you ski.As for the rest of Patagonia, the Torres Del Paine National Park closes in April and reopens in October. Its well worth the trip so it might be worth saving Patagonia to their summer almost 7 years ago

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    joe i will be there in june/july as well and i have the feeling it os going to be stunning! over 6 years ago

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    Joe, i was born in Bariloche and let me tell you Patagonia it`s amazing. You should def go visit there! During May/June it rains a lot, then at late June and during July the ski season is open, it snows a lot. Get some warm clothes and go cause the landscapes are wonderful. over 6 years ago

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