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    Well I think firstly it all depends on what you want out of the classes. Guessing from your question about advanced classes; you may be of an advanced level. If this is the case, then you would have a couple of options. Firstly, if you wanted to save some money, I would select a city you like and stay their for some time (BsAs, Cuzco, Santiago are all beautiful cities with very different cultures, history, people... you can't go wrong in any of them). Stay for one, two months or as long as you can and settle yourself into a shared apartment or hostel that attracts spanish speakers, rather than non. The former is probably the better option. From your level of spanish, you should be able to ask (in spanish) questions about the language to your friends you will make. If you do this and attempt to speak as little english as possible (which is hard because you will encounter many english speakers and many people wanting to practice english), you will learn very quickly.

    However, if you really won't to fine tune your spanish (or you are a beginner/ intemediate...) then classes are recommend. You have a couple of options here. Firstly, there are the multiple private schools (speaking for Buenos Aires, but i assume is similar in Peru and Chile). Most offer a 20 hour week (4 hours a day) classes. You will sit a test and they will place you in a group class or if you won't private classes. El pasaje http://elpasajespanish.com.ar/ is a good one.
    Also the University of Buenos Aires has classes specifically designed for foreigners. They have many courses depending on time of year.
    These courses are generally for people who are staying Buenos Aires for some time, however.

    I should also mention that between these counties are different accents and some grammatical differences. But in the scheem of things, I don't really think it is that important which type you learn. The most important part about language is been about to communicate. Which you can do with any type of spanish. Its like someone from the US talking to someone from England. The worst thing that can happen is someone thinks you sound an about 8 years ago

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    Argentine, which would be great/ funny as Argentines have heaps of great words and sayings.

    Finally, at the end of the day, its about how much you put in, and you won't to be enjoying learning. If not change city and try something else. As i mentioned above, I always found have friends in one place was better for learning and a nicer experience of a countries culture.

    Suerte! about 8 years ago

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