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I arrive in Buenos Aires medio December. From there I need to travel to where ever my husband is (he's already traveling in South America for 3 month's by than), most likely Bariloche. Does anyone know if it's possible to book a last minute ticket for a reasonable price Buenos Aires- Bariloche by plane or train in December. Or do I need to book it now from Europe ( and take the risk I need to change the destination)?

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    Hi, in december is here hight season for travel. Although there are 2 airlines where you can book the ticket (aerlineas argentinas and lan argentina) its difficult to book last minute the ticket.
    I suggest yoy buy it one month before you travel, you buy it online on the webpage of the airlines.

    Another way is to take a bus from BUenos Aires to Bariloche. Its about 20 hours, but the buses are very confortable. You can sleep there without problem. Tickets for the bus you can buy one day before you travel. The best companies are Via Bariloche / Andesmar. about 8 years ago

    Answered by Daniela via Site_iconTravellr.com
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    Hai daniela, thanks for your answer! I understand that bus is a good and comfortible way to travel?. It's a great advantage that I can book the ticket when I' ve arrived in Buenos Aires. I can decide lastminute if I really need /want to go to Bariloche or maybe another city! Can you please give me the names of the best bus compagnies?
    Thanks again! about 8 years ago

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    Hi John, buses are easy to book (of course this depends on the season however), but still you should have no problems booking. But to be safe book ahead as it is high season in patogonia, one months or so.

    For almost all buses running through argentina visit www.plataforma10.com

    I recently went from BsAs to Bariloche by bus with Via Bariloche. Very good. Now in Argentina there are generally three classes of comfort for your bus ride. The cheapest is called semi-cama, food not guaranteed, seat reclines about half way and the are 4 seats in a row, 2 and 2. Next is cama (a good choice for long trips), 3 seats in a row (2 and 1), food, and about 160 degree recline. Finally is cama suite, 3 seats again, food, 180 degree recline and often wifi. It's called tutto letto with via bariloche. Prices roughly in December, semi cama 780 $AR, cama 880 $AR and suite 1030 $AR.

    Can book online with them http://www.viabariloche.com.ar/

    With respect to flying its almost always more expensive and be careful as there are often two prices one for Argentinians and one for tourists.

    Also, if you plane on doing a lot of travel check out South Pass.


    Good luck and enjoy. Bariloche is awesome! about 8 years ago

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