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    Hi Martin

    Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    It is best if your Mom and girlfriend buy a travel insurance policy themselves (or at least are with you when you buy the policy) as they will then be sure of what's covered and not covered (and if the policy is right for them). For example, you may not be aware of certain medical conditions, which may be excluded from the policy.

    Do check the terms and conditions of the policy wording carefully as you may not all be able to be listed on the same travel insurance policy (depending on age, country of residence, travel plans etc).

    If you have a specific question about the travel insurance we provide, please do contact our customer services team: http://worldnomads.com/members/memberscontactus.aspx

    (we like to keep Ask A Nomad for travel related questions, which can be answered by any traveller, whereas, travel insurance questions do need to be answered by our specialist team)

    Safe travels,
    Katrina about 8 years ago

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