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I'm going traveling around the world for 10 months next year and would like to find a good (not too expensive) way of keeping in contact with my family. I enjoy reading and would ideally like to have an all in one tablet/iPad or electrical device that means I can keep in touch by Skype and Facebook, but also one that isn't so expensive it draws the attention of pick pockets!

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    iPhone 4 & 4s is quite comfortable. You can use FaceTime if your family and friends got the same device. And chat through imessage. Everything is free of course if you have free Internet access. over 8 years ago

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    My iPad is my best friend when I travel. The 2nd generation has a webcam and there is a Skype app so you can have face-to-face visits with friends and family provided they have a webcam, too. There is a small adapter that you can buy at the Apple Store which enables you to load your photos from your camera card onto the iPad so if you want email or share via Facebook you can. The iPad's Kindle app eliminates hauling books with you.
    One of the most fun things you can do with your iPad while Skyping is to turn it around and show your friends or family exactly what your destination looks like! My sister in Pennsylvania enjoyed a glass of wine with me while I showed her what an evening Paris looked like.
    iPads are lightweight and easy to carry around. Best of all, if your credit is half decent you can get up to one year of free financing from Barclay Bank, via the Apple Store, so buying your iPad isn't one big bite out of your finances. over 8 years ago

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    If your family members have smartphones with good internet connection, there are many options to talk for free. but they don't, use apps to make calls to landline like Skype Out or Global Call. Global Call is way cheaper in the most of the countries. almost 7 years ago

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    China almost 7 years ago

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