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almost 7 years ago about All Locations

Hi, I recently came across this product:
Has anyone tried these underwear with pockets for storing your money? I think it seems much easier to hide my money there than having to strap a waist bag around my midsection.

I have been pick pocketed twice beforeand I really don't want it to happen again, so I will probably buy some of these as I am leaving for mexico soon.

Anyways if anyone has tried them, let me know. Also, are there any products that World Nomads recommends for safety?

Thanks a bunch,

Asked by Steven Hillson via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    Steven, I had a look at those undies - I want a pair, just for around the house - somewhere to put the TV remote control! (Thank me for that mental image later).
    No, we don't endorse any particular safety products - we figure it's up to individual taste and circumstances. Although we DO endorse people trying anything which will safeguard their valuables (even if it's the family jewels!).
    Let us all know how well your undies work.
    Phil almost 7 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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