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    Im a resident of India but i live in Australia.
    I would like to travel to India and back to Australia. What would i enter in the (country of residence) field? over 8 years ago

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    Hi - Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    Your country of permanent residence can be defined as the country you would wish to be repatriated to in the event of a medical emergency and where you would be able to then receive long term medical care, if required. You must also be legally defined as a permanent resident (not temporary) of that country and have a residential address that you can refer to within that country. Please be aware, your policy does not cover expenses incurred within your country of permanent residence.

    If you are a permanent resident of India, then when you buy a policy with us for a trip from Australia to India, the coverage under the policy is suspended while you are in India. We are unable to cover any claims or expenses you may incur in India. You may choose to buy a policy to cover your travels to/from India or any other country.

    If you do have access to long term medical care in Australia, and are a permanent resident, then you can buy a policy as an Australian resident for your trip to India. Please be aware, as soon as you return to Australia, your coverage ends.

    All of our policies differ, so please refer to the policy wording / description of coverage for the full policy terms and conditions. It is very important that you read the fine print on the policy so you know what's covered (and not).

    If you have further questions about our coverage, please do contact our customer service center directly - http://www.worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    Hope you have a safe trip.

    Katrina over 8 years ago

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