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    Hi Nuno

    Sorry to hear you've missed your flight. You should keep trying CATAR airways.

    There is coverage in your policy if your trip has been interrupted or delayed due to specific reasons listed in your policy wording, including if you suffer an acute serious illness/injury or if your pre-booked transport is cancelled. The coverage does have specific terms and conditions so you should read "Section 14 Trip interruption" and "Section 17 Travel Delay" in your policy wording to see the terms of coverage of your policy in detail before you assume you are covered for refunds, additional tickets or you commit to other travel expenses.

    You can submit a claim online for the insurer to consider, even if you're travelling. Simply sign in to your WorldNomads.com membership using the login in the top right hand corner of this page.

    Please note: this advice is relevant for this policy holder only. Each travel insurance plan available through WorldNomads.com is different, depending on your country of residence. You must read the policy terms and conditions of coverage to make sure you understand what's covered (and not).

    If you have specific travel insurance questions about your policy or coverage, please contact our Customer Services team - http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx or if it is an emergency, please call the Emergency Assistance team listed on your policy documents - you can check these here - http://www.worldnomads.com/emergencyassistance.aspx

    Please do keep using the Ask a Nomad service for general travel questions.

    I hope you're able to arrange another flight soon.

    Safe travels almost 9 years ago

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