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like i said i have 12 k can and want to leave the country to discover as long as i can, i was thinking of going to se asia and anywhere else i can get to and stay as long as possible , i see so many people travelling for years and years and am trying to understand how ??? money is unfortunalty a factor even tho all i need is good company and a blanket? any advice on where to go ? how long i can go for ? money on the road ??

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    The length of your trip does depend a little on where you will be going. More so however, it depends on how you want to go. SE Asia is super cheap. By staying in hostels and eating at 'canteen' style restaurants, you can easily travel for at least a year. Most of India would be even cheaper. South America would be slightly more expensive, however you maybe be able to find a slightly cheaper flight if you fly into peru or somewhere in northern SA. A flight to SE Asia should from Canada should cost about 1k (give or take), India should be a little more expensive. The further south in in South America you fly, the more expensive it will be (usually). You should be able to find flights into Peru from Canada for around $500. There are always deals that pop up for different airlines and different destinations, but this seems to me to be the general gist of flight costs from Toronto (flying out of Toronto is what I'm familiar with).

    A year in SA Asia and an awfully long time. Lots of people do Thailand, Vietnam and maybe Cambodia and Laos. A year would allow you to throw in Malaysia, Indonesia and even possibly Myanmar. You can also leave SE Asia and go to other destinations in Asia. The discount airline 'Air Asia' is a great clean, no frills, very clean airline with their hub in KL, Malaysia. They are always running promotions. You can get around most South East Asia by plan very cheap if you choose, and they even run flights (for a couple hundred dollars) to India. They fly all over Asia and have a couple routes to Europe and North America.

    Generally when travelling, if you want your money to last as long as possible you need to head to the cheapest places. That usually means India, South East Asia, and Maybe South America. Even if you choose to get a private room at hostels (almost all hostels have them), or an inexpensive budget hotel, you will be spending a lot less for your accommodation. There is always incredibly inexpensive food available, and fees for things like national parks, attractions and activities cost a lot less than other places in the world. about 9 years ago

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