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Am reaching out as a confused first-time parent, hoping for advice from experienced travelling parents.

About us:
Our twin boys are 5 months old. As you can imagine, it's been both hectic and monotonous. We live in concrete jungle Singapore, but both are outdoors lovers. Their dad finally has some time off - starting this week! We've been going round and round where to go. We are both backpackers and would love to experience traveling via RV. NZ is our top choice, but it's too cold and too far for a virgin trip.

Finally decided on OZ as it's safe and developed, and were going to rent a one-way RV relocation to see Darwin and Perth...then realized it's not safe to travel the vast outback with babies.

So we switched to Melbourne and Sydney instead. Plan is to rent a RV to see Great Ocean Road, and have two RV deals - one each way MEL-Sydney (both existing deals). But we'd have to get hostels in the city...and the logistics seem too crazy for traveling with babies...so we are ditching this idea as well :(

So where to go?? Thailand too hot. Not keen on China. I know nothing about Bali and would have to start from ground zero. We are hoping to leave early next week, for three weeks. Any advice would be soooo appreciated.

Does anyone have a packing list for babies?

Grateful thanks for your time and sharings.

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    Hey, if you are used to travelling and having adventures, life with a young family can suddenly seem pretty daunting!

    My advice: don't stop travelling as much as you can ... but take it easy on your first trip. Find your feet and learn a little ... it's suddenly a whole new ball game but is a very rewarding one. Then, as you get a little more practised and develop your own routines you can spread your wings for greater adventures as a confident family.

    Our first trip with a new family was when he was about 8 months old I think and was to Bali. It's a great destination because it's actually dead easy, they love kids, you'll have a great time AND you can have some soft adventure too!

    For tips for first time travels with a family try my blog:



    And as they get a little older:


    And don't be put off, but here's a post about when it doesn't always go to plan ... this was the closest I reckon I've yet come to just giving up and getting on a plane to come home!

    http://journals.worldnomads.com/simon_monk/story/414/Vietnam/A-litany-of-small-disasters- about 9 years ago

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    We usually stayed in or around Ubud and use it as a base to explore and without a shadow of a doubt the Alam Shanti is very highly recommended (http://www.alamindahbali.com/alam_shanti.htm) - but you'll need more than a weeks notice to get in there.

    An alternative might be: http://www.murnis.com/houses/houses.htm.

    We have also stayed over in Padangbai in the East, Pekutatan in the West and Lovina in the north, but I probably wouldn't recommend too much travel in your first trip - base yourselves somewhere and head out on day trips.

    There is LOADS to do and see in and around Ubud - in particular if you have the energy to get up early and head out there before the tours arrive, Gunung Kawi with it's 300 steps down through rice terraces is a wonderful start to any day!

    - Anti-septic hand-wipes (lots and lots of them!)
    - Nappies (take your own ... I think half our luggage was nappies that first trip!)
    - Baby backpack
    - Mosquito net (take your own. Just in case)
    - a large and comprehensive First Aid Kit. In particular take baby Panadol as it's a priceless way to get kids fever under control
    - Baby bottles and your own formula (if you are no longer breast feeding)
    - Water bottles (only drink bottled water)
    - changing mat (you never know where you'll need it and can be sure there won't be anywhere convenient) about 9 years ago

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