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If my policy starts on August 3, and I need to cancel my trip before that, can I get my money back from my air fares? Or do I need to have a policy starting right now?

A friend was 3 days from his first Europe trip, and was hospitalised with appendicitis! Think he got his air fare money back...Just want to check before buying.

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    If you have a sickness that stops you from flying it would then be during your coverage date so you would be covered. over 9 years ago

    Answered by brayden serb via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
    • Yep, you are covered for Cancellation (as long as it is listed on your policy) from the time you purchase your insurance (as long as there is no waiting period on your policy, which we'll advice you when you buy it). Your start date can be anytime up to 12 months from today. Katrina Greeves over 9 years ago
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    Hi Anna, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.
    Without knowing your country of residence, I can only provide general advice at this stage.

    Not all of our policies include cancellation or trip interruption as a policy benefit. Do check your policy wording to make sure that yours does. Also check the terms carefully in the Cancellation and General Exclusions section, as each World Nomads policy is different, depending on your country of residence.

    First and foremost, you should check your airline’s cancellation policy, and if something happens, you should approach them to get a refund on your ticket before making a claim on your insurance.

    Also, just to be clear, travel insurance provides cover for unexpected injury or illness (like acute appendicitis) but not where you had symptoms or received treatment for something before you purchased the insurance policy. This would be considered a “pre-existing condition”, which WorldNomads.com doesn’t cover.

    To clarify the different benefits, which you may see on your policy:

    Cancellation – this provides cover if you have to cancel your trip before you leave home due to sickness or injury. It covers you for pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses. You’re covered for this benefit from the time you purchase your policy, to the time you leave home. To get the full benefit for this, you should purchase your policy as soon as possible after your buy your tickets. i.e if you buy a policy while you are already travelling (which you can do with WorldNomads), you are not covered for the cancellation benefit.

    Trip interruption – this provides cover if you have to cancel the remainder of your trip, after you have left home due to sickness or injury. Again, it provides cover for pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses. Not all policies have this benefit and may have a waiting period if you buy the policy away from home, so check your policy carefully.

    If your policy does not have either of these terms, (eg. you have bought medical cover only), then you do not have any cover for pre-paid expenses that you have to cancel, even if it was due to unexpected illness/injury. over 9 years ago

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    And finally, we’re always happy to provide specific advice for your circumstances if you call or write to our Customer Services team - http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx

    Hope you have a safe (and well) trip. Cheers, Katrina over 9 years ago

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