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My friends and I are planning to visit Hanoi end Dec Early Jan. We haven't booked any cruises because it might be too cold to be on deck to look at the beauty of the limestone karsts. We would appreciate any experiences anyone who has been to Halong at that time of year in the recent past.
We would also like some recommendations of the companies to go with on a Halong Bay cruise, and those NOT to go with. Tx.

  • Heya - Isn't Halong Bay in Vietnam and not Singapore?... Correcting that should make it easier for people to answer this :) Jaidev S almost 10 years ago

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    Halong bay is in Vietnam. If you or anyone else wants to go then Please read my story first. -

    http://journals.worldnomads.com/chilleep/story/66029/Vietnam/Halong-Bay-MUTINY-Raise-the-Jolly-Roger almost 10 years ago

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    A couple of years ago I was there with my family at that time of year, and while it wasn't freezing and nor was it quite as abusive as suggested by Paul, it was a bit of a cattle tour.

    There are plenty of other interesting experiences in this wonderful country (http://journals.worldnomads.com/simon_monk/country/233/Vietnam) but you sometimes have to work hard to find them!

    The Vietnamese are a tough and wiley people, through circumstance as much as anything else, but some of the tourist scams, particularly overpriced drinks or sudden hidden charges take a little experience.

    I'd always recommend, where possible, that you try to laugh them off as part of the experience ... while not paying up either. They'll hound you to the end of the day but in the end there is little they can do.

    Yeah, it can be wearing sometimes. almost 10 years ago

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