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My friend is going to Europe after Christmas for six weeks and asked me to go with her. I really want to go, I love Europe and the experience would be really beneficial to me as I'm training to become a travel agent right now. I've told my parents that I might be going and they're mostly cool with it, but I don't know how to tell my boyfriend. We've been together a long time and live together and I think he will take it really hard if I go travelling without him since its something he also wants to do, but already has a career that he can't just take a break from. I'm wondering how you've ever dealt with this type of situation and if you have any good suggestions for me. I don't want to miss out on this amazing experience, but I don't want to upset my boyfriend either.

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    Hmmm...very tricky question and without knowing you or the full dynamics of all involved, but if you have been together for ages, then there must be a solid basis of trust and understanding of who you each are as people and as a couple. He should understand that this is part of not just your professional aspirations but personal too, and one can only support that in the ones we love,no? My boyfriend went away for 4 months; while it seemed interminable, I knew he'd be back before we knew it, he was going to have amazing adventures and life experiences and that he would come back an enriched and happier person for having done it.

    Six weeks is no time at all really. Skype, Facebook, emails etc will keep you connected and able to share your adventures with him as you go, perhaps even lay the groundwork for when you two go to Europe together one day. Given that he can't go for six weeks, perhaps he can take a week or two to join you for part of the trip and not feel so left out. almost 10 years ago

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    I agree with Christina that 6 weeks really isn't that long. When the question said "extended period" I thought it was going to be more like 6 months... I think traveling with a friend is a big opportunity and it should be embraced. Have an honest chat with your boyfriend, but also use the moment to bring up future travel possibilities with him as well. almost 10 years ago

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    I also agree with Christina and Brooke--this is a relatively short period of time, and with all the technology options, you can stay in touch with your boyfriend the whole time. However, if travel is something that you really want to make a part of your life, you probably should make sure your boyfriend's on the same page if you plan to have a future with him. If he does not plan to ever make time to travel or if he disagrees with you traveling without him, it may be a dealbreaker. almost 10 years ago

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