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Dear World Nomads,

I am a high school student from the American School in Japan with a challenge to market and export a Mongolian mobile home called the Ger. We would extremely appreciate it if we could get feedback on our product and or if it appeals to your lifestyle.

The Ger can be both a temporary and mobile traditional home that can host up to 6 people depending on size, but 2-3 would fit people most comfortably.

The diameter of the ger depends on how the ger is built as well as the wall height as it can go slightly up and down, which would decrease or increase the diameter. The height at the top will always be constant though since it depends just on the pillar that holds the Ger up. When the Ger is completely deconstructed and rolled up, it can easily fit within the trunk of a minivan or truck.

We are planning on making a paper instruction manual as well as a video instruction manual. Mongolian herders will be able to construct it in 30 mins. A complete newcomer to a ger might take 4-5 hours if instructions are not clear. However, with good instructions, I would say that the average first-time build will probably be 2-3 hours.

Any feedback or advice would be extremely appreciated. It would help us out a lot and eliminate any assumptions we make about modern/digital nomads.

Thank you so much!

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