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Hello fellow worldnomads!
For those of you who love travel as much as we do. We believe one thing:

> Isn’t it the memories we make, what gives life such a value? Sometimes even time stops with these wonderful thoughts. Keep them always with you.

We are designing an App that makes any vacation and any trip memorable.
Capture memories and experiences in our app and share them with your travel partners or keep them to yourself. So you will always have your most beautiful and touching moments with you and will never forget them.
Whether it is a group trip, you are travelling alone, whether it is a day trip or a world trip, we got you.
Never forget the memories and experiences that shape you and ultimately make you the wonderful person you are.
That's why we want an app that keeps your most precious safe and always ready for you.
To remind you, to cheer you up or to share them with others.

You keep track of the places you've visited, the pictures and videos you've taken.
You see what vacations you took and when. It's more than just a simple travel diary.
It's also a log of your holidays, a mirror to your life. It's a travel buddy.

*You don't like this text? Please let us know! We always want to improve.*

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