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This is the exact response from World Nomads on a theft this January 2018!!!!!

Read the Small Print!!!!!!!
They are not here to help.

We have now evaluated the coverage for your claim, based on the description of the incident that you gave us.

However, we regret to inform you that we will unfortunately not be able to meet your request for compensation.

In accordance with our policy conditions Section 21.1 c, the insurance covers theft of valuables carried on or by the insured when the theft is observed while being committed.

Furthermore, as per Section 21.3 m, the insurance does not cover simple theft, where you do not observe the theft occurring.

We have chosen not to include coverage in cases where the theft is not observed when being committed. The reason for this is that it is often hard to determine whether it is a case of theft that was not observed when being committed or whether it is a case of misplaced or lost items.

As we experience many cases where policyholder cannot explain how or when exactly the theft occurred, we have chosen only to cover theft observed when being committed.

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    That is discouraging, but I understand their point of view. When in Provence, France last year, I swore up an down that my wallet had been stolen in the Marseilles airport because there was no other place it could have been stolen. I filed with the police, went to the embassy to report it stolen to get a temporary passport, etc. Two weeks after getting home, I got an email from the people in whose house I had stayed, saying they had found my wallet stuffed in a dresser drawer. It seems that I had put it there for safekeeping as soon as I arrived, so jet lagged that I was nearly walking in my sleep. I don't remember having done that, but there it was!
    I am sorry cases like mine and false claims prevent them from covering all incidences, but I do understand. over 2 years ago

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    Hi Justin,

    As Barry mentioned in his reply, our insurance partners Bupa Global have put that clause in there to prevent false claims. It also keeps the premium down, so that coverage for large claims such as medical and medical evacuation is affordable.

    All the best,

    Customer Experience Specialist
    World Nomads. over 2 years ago

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    Matt -- I'm kinda with Justin on this one. If World Nomads claim their policy covers theft then you need to identify when it is not covered beyond the fine print. Your answer on keeping the premiums down is sound but you cannot tout one benefit and short the other.

    Actually glad I read this particular issue. I'll need to read the fine print. over 2 years ago

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