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Hi there, I booked a flight from place 1 via place 2 to place 3. My connecting flight in place 2 got cancelled and rescheduled for the following day (24hours delay). Transit time before would have been 2 hours, now its 26 hours. As I have to arrive to place 3 on this specific day. I'd like to know if I'm covered for buying new flights from place 1 to place 3, arriving on the specific day. I already asked the Airline for refund, but hasn't replied yet.
maybe worth to know: I bought the explorer plan. Thanks

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    Hi Sab,

    Sorry to hear about the flight!

    Ask a Nomad is a community-driven platform for answering travel questions (places to go, things to do etc.).

    For insurance questions it's best to get in contact with our service teams as policy benefits can differ depending on your country of residence.

    You'll find their details (phone/email) here: https://www.worldnomads.com/contact-us

    about 3 years ago

    Answered by Pearse via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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