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I am looking for starting spots to try and find a an abroad program for Summer 2018. I am open to all kinds of opportunities such as working, service work, volunteering, studying, teaching, or simply paying to be a part of a tourist/culture program/trip. Thank you in advance for any help, I am a novice as I have only studied abroad while an undergraduate

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    Nicolas join up with Inter-Nations community. It is the quickest way to find out things from locals in the Country you are interested in or from ex-pats living there. Good luck! over 3 years ago

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    Teaching: there are cities around the world that will hire for internships. If you can stay 6 months, then the pay will be better than an intern. Best paying places compared to cost of living include South Korea, China, and UAE. So you can safe more money there. Search online for different job opportunities. Websites offering ESL Teaching certifications will have job offer boards as well.

    Work Visa: If you are under 26, a lot of countries will easily provide you with a year work visas. These countries include New Zealand and Australia, but there are lots more.

    Places to find work in exchange for logging and sometimes meals: WOOFing (mostly farm work: wwoof.net) or Work Away (any job under the sun: www.workaway.info)

    If you are good at budgeting and depending on the country, you can travel around the world for $30 USD per day. Some countries that seem expensive, like Australia, actually have lots of ways to make traveling cheaper, like free accommodations and free transport. When I was in Australia, I only paid for food, few activities, and flights. In the end I only spent $24/day.

    I have a travel blog if you want to read more about my tips: www.NicoleGlobetrot.com
    Or this guy is super famous for backpacking: www.nomadicmatt.com

    Hope this helps. over 3 years ago

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    Hi Nicolas,

    Have a look at workaway.info - it's a great way to volunteer and immerse yourself in the country you are travelling in. Usually a minimum of one month, but it's free to browse the hosts. I highly recommend having a look at this as an option.

    Good luck! over 3 years ago

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