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What happens when the policy expires while the insured is still hospitalized and cannot be discharged yet?

Other insurance have an "automatic extension" and still covers the insured and adds a few days after discharge to allot time for the insured to make the return trip home. Does World Nomads travel insurance also have the same? Which part of the World Nomads travel insurance policy wording clarifies such a scenario?

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    Hi Renee,

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    For World Nomads insurance questions, I'd suggest searching on the help desk or contacting the customer service team as cover can differ depending on your country of residence.

    Help desk: https://helpdesk.worldnomads.com/

    WN Contact info: https://www.worldnomads.com/contact-us


    Pearse 10 months ago

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I did that and got the following response:
    Details about policy expiry can be found under Section 32 in the policy wording.
    The policy wording states that:
    •Our liability shall automatically cease at the end of the insurance period, including liability for ongoing treatment, consequential damages and after-effects of any injury or illness incurred during the insurance period.
    •The insurance period can be extended up to 48 hours with no extra premium charge if your return is delayed without you being responsible for the delay.
    I'm still clarifying the "48 hours extension" though because the policy wording also states that any extensions will no longer cover the previous insurance periods ongoing treatment as they will be considered pre-existing medical conditions. 9 months ago

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    Hi Renee,

    Can you confirm your country of residence? That way I might be able to point you to the right information concerning your query. It looks like the response you've received doesn't really answer the specific question.


    Pearse 9 months ago

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    Hi Pearse, thank you, my residence is Japan. They clarified the extension period for my residence --- if the policy exipires while still hospitalized, the coverage period can be extended up to 48 hours if the delay is not within the insured's control like hospitalization. 9 months ago

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