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Hey Phil,

Ive got a sensitive belly and I also love travelling, which never mixes up. I ve been to India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, US, Uganda and Kenya and I have always gotten sick trying to have local cuisine. I recon Immodium sould hire me as their brand ambassador. But recently my friend asked me to take prevention medicine, I researched some out there and took Travelan. Never got sick. I recon you're right when u said in your article that "These medications should not be taken as prevention - better to hold them in reserve for when symptoms strike." But I recon there are some medicines who help you prevent traveller's diarrhoea. Do you know anything out there which can prevent than cure?

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    there is nothing to prevent it. It's all up to your immune response. I suggest maybe get vaccinated first. I love bringing oral rehydration salt and charcoal pills with me. helps with the diarrhea :) over 2 years ago

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