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Hi, me and 1 friend are meeting up in July for a trip around all the countries above. I'm currently in Australia and he is in the UK. We are wondering where the best place to start/ finish is, and also what route to take through the countries while seeing a lot of the main attraction/known places. Thank you for your help in advance :)

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    General transport tips for a few of these countries below (haven't been to them all yet!):

    Thailand: Transport is fairly easy, lots of long-distance buses, trains or even flights. Easy to arrange in the country so I wouldn't be too worried here.

    Cambodia: Mainly buses here, long driving times (8+ hours) so I'd break up your travel a bit if you're getting a few of them. You can cross the northern border into Laos easily, our bus driver sorted out the border crossing for about $25 AUD (back in 2013).

    Laos: This country has the worst roads by far out of the three I've mentioned, but it's my favourite. It takes more than 12 hours by bus to go from the Thousand Islands (south) to Vientiane, a bit more to go further north to Luang Prabang. Again I'd suggest breaking this journey up if you're going to do it.

    In general I found it easy to arrange transport, although not always comfortable transport, as I went. Provided you aren't on a strict timeline I wouldn't worry too much about these three countries. Good luck with the rest of it! over 2 years ago

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