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I got a yellow fever and meningitis vaccination in March 2004,before travelling from South Africa to Saudi Arabia, do i need to get it again before going back to Saudi Arabia?

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    The World Health Organization states that a Yellow Fever vaccination is effective for 30-35 years, possibly for life. So you don't need to be re-vaccinated.
    To enter Saudi Arabia you will need your Yellow Fever Vaccination card.
    In December 2007 the WHO adopted a new-style of YF Vaccination certificate, however the old style (which you'll have) is still valid for 10 years from the date of issue.
    As for meningitis: there are several types of meningitis. Not sure which one you're talking about. Have a look at the FAQ on the CDC website here:
    and get some advice from your doctor about what's appropriate for you (make sure you go to the doctor 6 to 8 weeks before departure). Phil about 10 years ago

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    Hi Phil, thanx for info, and the link to web page information. I see on my yellow vac card, the vaccination I got for meningitis, was MENCEVA x Actw 0.5ml IMI, i guess it was a preventative vaccination against meningitis. about 10 years ago

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    My pleasure. As for "MENCEVA x Actw 0.5ml IMI" Time for you to visit the doctor and get some professional MEDICAL advice - which, of course, all travellers should do a couple of months before departure. about 10 years ago

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