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I'm going in January with a girlfriend. I am now reading about terror attacks.

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    You say you're reading about terror attacks and you're worried. I think you're talking about the recent attacks in far southern Thailand. if you are, there's no reason to be concerned because YOU WONT BE GOING THERE!
    It's a local issue in the 4 provinces on the Thailand/Malaysia border. There's been a separatist insurgency there for donkey's years, and it's just flared up recently.

    The reason you won't be going there? A) there's nothing for tourists down there anyway. All the resorts are much further north. B) The governments of UK, USA and Australia have issued Do Not Travel advisories.
    Seriously, don't go there. If you're looking for off-the-beaten-path, adventure travel - go somewhere else. Tourists are not being deliberately targeted in the insurgency, but the combatants certainly don't mind if you get caught in the crossfire.

    But maybe you're talking about some incidents in Bangkok since the end of the Redshirts protests - not strictly "terror" related they are cause for some concern.
    There've been 3 small explosions; on July 26, July 30 and August 31 which have injured a security guard at a shopping mall and killed a junk scavenger.So far all the grenade attacks have been late at night or very early in the morning when you'd be tucked up in bed.
    Today (Sept 9) we're hearing about 3 more devices which have been discovered. One outside a school, one outside a government office and another outside a northern Bangkok shopping mall. They've all been defused.

    A state of emergency remains in force in Bangkok, as the government continues its crackdown on opposition groups who they believe are trying to stir up more trouble.
    It's a bit of a worry, because there's talk the attacks might target tourist precincts.
    I'd recommend staying away from government buildings, avoid any large gathering, and be really conscious of your surroundings. Maybe forget the food stall on the busy road, and pick one in a quieter backstreet.

    As for Cambodia and terror attacks..... hmmm, last thing I can find is 3 homemade bombs which were discovered (and defused) in the capital in January 2009.

    Of course, terrorism is by its very nature unpredictable. Phil about 10 years ago

    Answered by Ask Phil via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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