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I would like to visit a handful of the countries that are under the Schengen Agreement. Instead of making numerous trips to Europe is it legal to go from one country to another as long as you leave within 90 days & the countries are all under the Schengen Agreement?

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    Yes. Identify your main country (=the country inside Schengen you are visiting) most days, apply for your visa from that country and then consider the Schengen area as "one country" when talking about visa. almost 5 years ago

    Answered by Norway via Site_iconWorldNomads.com
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    Hi Rich,
    yes, to all your questions. That's what the Schengen agreement is about. As soon as you are granted entry into one of the many Schengen countries, you can drive to any other country without going through immigration anymore. Border crossings are non-existent, and sometimes you don't even realize that you are in a new country, if there wasn't a sign on the side of the road. If you travel by plane, you sometimes still have to show your passport, but that's it.
    Have fun on your trip! almost 5 years ago

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