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Hi everyone,

I am new to the community, so please be friendly =)

I am about to quit my career in Australia (I have an Australian Passport) and adopt the Nomadic lifestyle. I love the idea of travelling the world with just a backpack, living life in the moment, day by day, and leaving the idea of possession and attachment behind.

However, before I embark on my lifelong journey, I had a few visa related questions.

My intention was originally to book a flight to a country and explore it, pick up odd jobs, meet different people and experience everything. Then when I have enough money, book a flight to another country and repeat.

However, I'm learning now that many countries require you to have booked a ticket out of the country before they let you in.

So for example, if I plan to make Japan my first destination, I'll have to make sure I have a ticket out of there, and can only stay in the country with a maximum of 90 days.

How do nomads do it? How do they plan their flights and visas in a way that they are able to decide their next destination as they go? Is that even possible?

Any information on this topic will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks and have a great =)

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    The world is definitely becoming stricter on non-residence entering various countries. Enforcing an outward bound ticket goes some way to eliminate the problem of outstaying your welcome and finding illegal/under the table work.

    Personally I would suggest having some form of a plan. I would decide on the countries I simply want to see as a tourist and countries where I feel like I could be captivated to stay longer.

    Your best bet is then to book a ticket with specific backpacker companies (like STA for example). They will be able to tell you what your best options are and how much freedom you can expect to have. Also they are able to book tickets that allow travellers to change the dates without incurring a penalty fee.

    You could always book the last possible flight out of a country dependent on the length of stay they allow tourists on their visa, then, if you decide you want to leave earlier than planned, call the airline/backpacker travel agent to change the date. That's probably what I would do.

    I am from London but live in NZ and have travelled around the world 5 times by myself. But I've always kinda known what I feel would be the right amount on time in each place would be.

    Best of luck. over 6 years ago

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    Wow Byron, you sound like the World Nomads Found, Simon Monk!

    I'm incredibly jealous of people who have the strength to just pack up and go. I don't know the answer but be sure to start a travel journey and share your adventures with the rest of us! over 6 years ago

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    For myself I prefer to do some research and have some idea of visa needs ahead of time. Others like my son, just go. In 2011 he and a friend left Australia on a one way ticket to Central America, he is still in the area now working as a diving instructor on the Island of Utila in Honduras. In some countries you can do a 'visa run' to another country and that extends your visa when you return (eg Thailand and some countries in Central America, but you have to know which countries to travel to in order for the visa to be re-set). Do some proper research and talk to other travel bloggers like Nomadasaurus (brilliant with advice) or Nomadic Matt. Good luck and just so you feel OK I am 63 and travelled for 12 months all over the world with very little information other than some basic research on visas. Good luck, take the plunge and if you get to Utila say hello to my son Ginski, and most of all have fun. over 6 years ago

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    Hi Byron.

    We too are from Australia and are also just beginning our nomad journey (nearly two months so far). We started in Japan and have mostly just bought flights as we went.

    So far we have not had dramas with being hassled about the onward ticket but we are still very anxious about this every time we go to the airport.

    When we asked around, the general message was to buy a fully refundable ticket.... however as yet, we have not figured out which site people use to buy tickets with these conditions.

    Sorry not an answer I know, but more of a "yeah, we want to know that too"... so can anyone who does this regularly tell us how it all works? over 6 years ago

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