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Hey there! So quite a complicated question as there is so many ways to spend your money, but here it goes anyways.. I have about 10 000 usd to travel, what I know so far is
that im gonna start of with 6weeks in Goa India, where ill be working for a friend and get free food (yay!) and cheap accomodation. After this I have no plan, but I wanna be travelling for as long as possible. Would be natural to continue in asia, and i probably will, but i also would like to get to south america. 10000$ would include flightickets and insurance too, I dont mind living in dorms or cheap rooms :) Any insights? tipfor destinations?

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    Well where to start...
    Join a freq flyer program and get points on long haul flight you would be amazed at how they add up and get a cc with free bonus sign up points,like in australia anz currently offering 50,000 points on qantas...
    Not sure if you are aware of website "workaway" it maybe something worth looking at jobs in hostels for living and food type stuff...mite suit you!!
    They can get you further than you think but use them only on big flights...in asia use air asia as they travel everywhere and are really cheap just be warned to pre pay luggage...
    As far as destinations goa is a great place as is most of india for living cheaply and lots of asia still is...chang mai in thailand is an amazing place and you can still get your own apartment for a few hundred a month from there you can do seam riep in cambodia which is great and cheap to fly to and live but you only want a week max there,my friends tell me vietnam is super cheap and of course you have to do the party town of patong, thailand,stay in karon just 4k and an easy tuk tuk ride home...and way better beaches to swim at!!!
    Dont discount europe thou im currently in berlin and its an amazing city and dirty cheap to live im only spending around $150 us a week not including accom and my friend just booked a hostel here for $20 us a night...
    Spain is still dirt cheap(i lived in a place for $600 a month 1 hr from barcelona) as is greece!!!
    Im using airbnb currently and have paid $220 a week but its really nice place you can get way cheaper...

    Look at airbnb for most places and just choose a extended stay in the cities where cheap rooms are available...you can bet if rooms are cheap food and transport will be too...
    Will keep thinking for you but do choose a good insurance as things will get lost and stolen(its a part of extended travel abroad) be very sensible in parts of asia as a single girl(india in parts) and keep everything $$,pasports ipods etc locked up in your room AT ALL TIMES...i left my room to get ice and had $30 stolen from the maid in a few minutes...
    Warning though once started you will become addicted to it...lol about 5 years ago

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    Beg borrow or steal
    "The 4 hour work week" by tim ferris and read it for the links to travel at the back its a great book
    And look at websites like life hacking etc...they have way more tips that i could tell you!! about 5 years ago

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