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Travelling in Israel during hot desert-like summer months. I'm worried about having to travel with my passport on me and being safe about it!

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    We have always carried a photocopy of our passports on us in a zip lock Baggie and left the passport in the hotel safe. No problems so far. over 6 years ago

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    You could use a money belt, or you could purchase light weight clothing with extra pockets that are hidden or seal.(I like ScotteVest)
    Going to the beach, I would go with what Michael B says. Leave it in the safe at the hotel. over 6 years ago

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    Whenever we travel to hot and humid countries, we place our passports in the snap-lock bags.

    If you're travelling around and not staying in a hotel with a safe, think about purchasing one of those passport safety bags that go underneath your clothes.

    It might seem like an obvious one, but if you plan on swimming, make sure you don't dive in with your passport in your pocket. This is far more common that you might think!

    Taking a photocopy of your passport and keeping one copy with you, as well as one copy back at home is a good idea. Keep in mind that colour photo copies are illegal for some countries (open to fraud) - a black and white one should suffice for emergency purposes. Keep a copy of your insurance company "emergency assistance" phone number AND the local consulate office to call if you need it. over 6 years ago

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