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When I finish uni in June I am planning to go backpacking around the world for a minimum of 2 years an ideally I would like to go for about 4 years I literally want to explore every continent. I have about £6000 pounds saved but I will work on the road as I go to fund my backpacking because is not enough by itself. I can defer my student loan for a maximum of 5 years. Thank you btw I am a uk resident

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    Well, you can go for years but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. I left the UK 25 years ago and spent the next 5 traveling widely ... However not in one block. Lived in Australia for a year and in Japan for a year. Blocks of travel longest being 13 months.


    The problem I have with long non-stop travel is that you eventually lose the wonder. After a year in some amazing places, the next place that should and would be amazing if you dropped in there from the UK just becomes ho-hum and commonplace. Which is the reason I stopped after 13 months on the go - I was in Borneo and then HK and China and it became just another destination.

    So I'd suggest the best thing you think about doing is just going. See where it takes you and how far. Maybe you'll hate it, who knows. But trying to plan years ahead is nigh impossible anyway, so live for each day and reflect as you go. Even when you eventually stop, it'll not be forever.

    All in your atitude.

    Good luck and enjoy. over 4 years ago

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