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Very interested in breaking out of my old life. Want to push the limit and have no idea how. Looking for some help!

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    Hi Lea,

    Last time I went backpacking, I met a couple who had successfully used ebay whilst travelling to earn small amounts of cash and keep going. They were based in India and went to the markets once a week, took photos of items they thought were unique and desirable to a Western consumer and created an auction page for each. Only if the auction was successful, did they go to the markets, buy the item and then ship it to the winner. Biggest issues they said were picking the stuff people wanted to bid on (turned out to be jeans, not hand made sitars) and trusting the postal service to deliver it. The last point is a big risk.

    Also start really looking at the travel bloggers who say they make money. How do they do it? Does it really support them on the road? Nomadic Matt has some eBooks on the topic: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/travel-resources/
    Don't be fooled! There's NO easy cash in travel blogging.

    And finally, for a really good look into the philosophy and musings of a Lifestyle traveller, I can't go past Solbeam. Dig around and you'll find some practical tips on how to financially manage it. Start here... http://solbeam.com/travel-disclaimer/

    Good luck! over 6 years ago

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