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I'm from New Zealand and I'm trying to apply for a working holiday visa for Sweden. They tell me I need valid health Insurance to get the visa. But I'm now in Germany so I can not get Insurance from New Zealand!!
Will my Nomads travel insurance be enough?
If not how do I get health insurance for Sweden?
Thanks a lot for the help!

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    Hi Joseph,

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you if the policy we offer will be suitable for your application as you have to decide on a policy that suits you best. The Swedish immigration website says "Make sure to have an insurance policy that will cover any costs that may arise in connection with illness, injury, etc.", so both travel insurance and health insurance will do this, however they are different.

    Travel insurance is designed to provide you with emergency medical care overseas for urgent and necessary medical and dental treatment from accidental injuries and illnesses. It also includes emergency repatriation home and (depending on the policy you buy) non-medical insurance coverage to cover your gear, trip cancellation/interruption, travel delay, liability etc.

    Health insurance provides you with in-country medical and dental care, whether an emergency or not. This means you wont be a strain on their health care system if you need treatment. It also might cover you for other health treatment like chiropractors and alternative health services. Health insurance usually wont provide non-medical or travel benefits, so for example, if you do need to cut your trip short (e.g a death in your family and you want to return home suddenly), there isn't cover in the health insurance for these extra travel expenses.

    Both policies will have specific terms and conditions of cover, so you should read these carefully to understand what's covered and not covered and any limitations to the cover.
    For example: your travel insurer may expect you to cut your trip short to return home for ongoing medical treatment (which is when the travel insurance ends and your in-country NZ health insurance kicks in) or may not cover chronic conditions or non-emergency treatment, like dental or medical check-ups (where the health insurance cover might while you're in Sweden).

    Our insurance partner, ihi Bupa offer health insurance cover, no matter where you are in the world - check out it out here: http://global.ihi.com/Health+Insurance.aspx

    Good luck with your application!
    Safe travels,
    WorldNomads.com over 7 years ago

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