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We missed a flight from NZ to Europe because a Malaysian Airlines flight was scheduled for April 10th, at 24:15 and we assumed that meant 15 minutes past midnight of that day. But it turns out that according to the airline, 24:15 is the same as 00:15.
Do you think we or the airline are most at fault?
To be clear the e ticket never said 00:15. It was always written down as 24:15

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    As the 24 hour clock finishes at 24:00, you'd expect that they would have put the correct time of 00:15 on the ticket. Its like saying 1.75pm and then going, oh but that's the same as 2.15pm. I think you should be following up with senior management at the airline on this one. over 7 years ago

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    That's really confusing. I think you have a strong case against the airline because there is no such thing as 24:15. Take it up with-senior management to argue your case. over 7 years ago

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