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We're traveling to the US for a 3 week road trip. While we're there, we'd like to ski for 2 days. We already have a general travel insurance policy for medical, theft, cancellation, etc, but it doesn't cover skiing. Can we buy a winter sports travel insurance policy for just the two days of skiing, or must the policy start and end on our full holiday dates?


Asked by Ben via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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    Hi Ben, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    It is possible to have 2 insurance policies as long as you don't claim on both! Just be careful about certain issues:
    - pre-existing medical cover relating to any condition you have had symptoms or treatment for before you buy an insurance policy; and
    - ongoing medical treatment for a short duration policy as this may end earlier than you need it to.

    For example: If you were injured skiing, then you could make a claim on the policy that covers skiing, however when this policy ends, the cover for any ongoing medical treatment (if necessary) may also end with it (unless the insurer approves this). So, if you needed ongoing physio treatment, and you only bought a 1 week policy (or less), then this treatment may end after only 1 week of treatment (which may not be ideal to help you recover). This injury couldn't be claimed on the non-ski policy, so you may be out of pocket, which can be expensive in the USA.

    However, if you bought the ski cover for the full duration of your trip, then this ongoing medical treatment would be available (where medically necessary and agreed by the insurer) for the full duration of your trip.

    Do check your policy wording fully, as there may be other restrictions or exclusions on coverage, which may be specific to the policy you have bought.

    If you have other specific questions about what's covered in the plans we offer, please contact our customer services team - http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx (we try to keep Ask A Nomad just for community answered questions, not specific insurance questions as we offer different policies for people from many different countries).

    Have any amazing USA adventure - I hear the snow has been great this year in the USA!

    Safe travels
    Katrina over 7 years ago

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