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How do I start moving?

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hi world nomads! :)

I'm an aspiring traveler from the philippines. I was wondering if any of you knows how will I be able to travel from one country to another? I have been reading through google until my head gave up on me. Money is a concern, but more than that is VISA. or whatever it is that binds legal travelling.

I am not a heiress so I won't have all the money to go from one place to another. What I would like to do is to live around the world. Make a living while experiencing different cultures.Therefor a tourist visa wouldn't work right? nor will a working visa? I do not need to have all the luxuries of a traveler, and maybe I am just looking to push my limits. I am more than willing to do labor work for food and lodging but how am i gonna do that?

I am really lost about this visa thing. can you kindly explain it to me?please? any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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    Hello! Firstly, where do you want to go first?

    Pick a country or at least a continent and we can maybe point you in the right direction as to your visa questions. Visa conditions different from country to country, and each country has different conditions of entry and limitation on types of visas for citizens of different countries. So, it is hard to answer your question at this point in time.

    One of the most popular ways to travel and work is to teach English. Your seem to write it fluently, why not try getting a certification in your country such as a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), make sure it is recognised in the countries you wish to travel.

    Another that is common for young females is to be a nanny or au pair. Many families around the world love the multicultural aspect of hiring an international nanny. I have never done this myself but my sister and other friends have done this with great stories to tell.

    My sister in particular got a free air ticket to be a nanny in Belgium for 6 months, then went on to nanny for a French family in London who paid for her to learn French, so that she could be bilingual with their children. Currently, she is taking a break and traveling around Europe. The pay is not amazing, but you get board and food and get to explore a wonderful new city! :) The families often will assist with visa issues. Again, you will need to check with your countries' and their countries' rules and conditions to be sure.

    Another idea is to be a volunteer, many NGOs around the world need people who can spare their time and effort in exchange for basic board and food. This will be my next adventure. :)

    I hope I helped a little. Good luck! :) about 6 years ago

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    thanks for the reply. I have already considered doing volunteer works and teaching english. However, I am still confused though. Especially regarding the process that involves this. To make things clearer, here is a situation:

    I'd like to do volunteer work in new zealand through WWOOF. Since Philippines is not a part of the VWP (or working holiday visa for this matter) to most, if not all countries, I find it really hard to get there.

    If, however, I try to visit countries that allow Filipinos to visit for a certain period of time - Malaysia, for example - which allows up to 30 days of stay, do I have to return to philippines or I could just visit another country that would allow me to visit without a visa? Morever, using this loop hole, am I allowed to work while doing this?

    I apologize for my vague questions, I try to narrow them down as much as I can. Thank you for the patience.

    I am interested with the nanny works, If I may ask, how did she find a family to nanny? about 6 years ago

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    If you are allowed to stay in Malaysia for 30 days without a visa with your Philippines passport, then it stands to assume that you can exit at 30 days and enter again to gain another 30 days. You would not necessarily have to return to your home country, just exit Malaysia, to a neighbouring country perhaps?

    For example, you enter Malaysia 1/1/13, you will exit on 30/1/13 and go to Thailand, which does not require Philippines passport holders to have a visa, you can stay overnight (or 30 days if you like) and enter Malaysia again on 1/2/13 and stay for another 30 days. These types of 'visa-free' stays are for tourism purposes and would not allow you to legally work in the country. You can use that time to look for employment and hopefully your employer would help with further visa issues once you are employed.

    As for the nanny work, my sister googled multiple sites and set up multiple accounts with various profiles with agencies who then set up interviews through Skype. I will ask her the site that eventually got her the job in Belgium. In the mean time, do an internet search and start making a resume and setting up profiles. Many of them are free to join. about 6 years ago

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    • thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. :) Fenerose Miras about 6 years ago
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    When you've never travelled it can seem quite daunting, and you look at other people and wonder how they do it.

    However, my best advice would be to pick a country or region and just go! You'll find once you start that most of the pieces tend to drop into place.

    And of course the ancient Chinese saying is true: "A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"

    Good luck! about 6 years ago

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    thanks. I have decided to make this dream more possible by starting backpacking in my own country. It saves me the dreadful thoughts of visa plus a good start.and then work my way up :) tank you all for your insights. about 6 years ago

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