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Route/Tour-Planner for IOS

about 7 years ago about All Locations

I need somekind of tool on my iPad/iPhone to plan my trips - where i am when and how to get there. I need the actual route shown on a map and the abillity to write notes on every destination/waypoint.



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    I spent a month in the UK using just Maps on my iPhone to get around and do route planning (including some long hauls like London to far north west Scotland). In general, it was extremely accurate in terms of choosing the best route and showing it on the maps, calculating distances and route times. For notes, I can't live without Evernote (premium edition lets you store/access notes offline). I'm not sure if you're looking for a single app solution for your travels, but I found it really easy with just these two things. (And don't forget to buy a local SIM/pre-paid data package rather than pay outrageous roaming costs!) about 7 years ago

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    Thankts for your answer - Its me being unclear and while we're at it, it dosn't have anything to do with Ios i Greece - I haven't got at clue how i got there ;-)

    My problem is not getting around, more the planning part - I have tried TripIt and it doesn't do it for me. Route4me to iPad does the most, but are paid pr adress I punch in :-( about 7 years ago

    Answered by DaneOnTour via Site_iconWorldNomads.com

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