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Hi I'm heading off travelling for approximately 8 and a half months from september visiting africa, australia, newzealand, and south america. I'm taking a Dr's letter with my prescription medication and doses and keeping them in original packaging in my hand luggage. I am aware that I can only take a few months with me, so i need to know how i can obtain my repeat prescription abroad, probably mainly from australia and newzealand. Can I buy them from the pharmacy with my Dr's letter???? Any advice regarding this and generally travelling with prescription medication will be much appreciated. Thanks Lynne.

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    Hy Lynne

    What an exciting adventure! You will need a new prescription in Australia by an Australian registered doctor to fill your script, but this is fairly easy.

    There are numerous GP clinics around where you can walk in and see a doctor, you'll need to pay for the privilege though (approx $65) and they will give you a script. Then you take it to the pharmacy - usually close by - to have it filled.

    Medications in Australia is not cheap, but you can ask for the generic brands which are often cheaper.

    Hope this helps.

    Lisa almost 8 years ago

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    My partner has the same thing.
    He took with him a couple months worth of medication and then we got to Oz three months into our trip and topped up here.

    If you are in the common wealth you can get a medicare card and that will cut down the cost of you GP appointments.

    My partner also travels with needles so he has a Doctors note from back in the UK for when we fly for the people at customs.

    Hope that's helpful. almost 8 years ago

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    Hi Lisa and Sam, thanks for getting back to me with such great advice. Sam how do you go about getting a medicare card?
    cheers lynne almost 8 years ago

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