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If I start a worldnomads journal can I migrate my blog entries from blogspot over so it's all in one place? If so, how? :-)

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    Hi Rissyclark, there's no automated way to migrate a blog from Blogspot to our WorldNomads Journals. Whilst both blogs feature articles with titles and body copy etc, ours are really focused on what makes sense for a traveller - so everything is sorted by Trip and Location.

    I don't know how much is in your blog, but the simplest way is to cut and paste it between the two. Open up two tabs in your browser, make sure you know all the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts and sit down with a large coffee... or maybe a glass of wine?... and turn it into an exercise in armchair travelling. I'm surprised looking over my old blog posts how much detail they contain about a place or a person.

    If you've wrangled the Blogspot Admin Tools, you shouldn't have much trouble using ours. If you do need help though, leave a note here or send us an email at journals {at} worldnomads.com .

    Good luck - and welcome! We'd be thrilled to have another World Nomad join us.

    Christy, Community Manager, WorldNomads.com over 6 years ago

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