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We are traveling around asia and have booked a number of Air Asia flights with seperate connecting flights. Air Asia have started changing flights on us and we want to find a cover that will cover changes in flights and accommodation if we cant make transfers.

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    Hi Chris, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here. It's a bit tricky to give you personal advice about which travel insurance plan may help in this situation. What I can do is give you a bit of general advice on what you should look for in a travel insurance plan if you are looking for this type of cover.

    Be aware, the cover for travel insurance plans does vary, depending on the terms and conditions described in the full description cover (policy wording). For example, with the plans available via WorldNomads.com the cover varies by country of residence and the type of plan you choose. No two plans are the same, and you should never assume you are covered for particular expenses, just because you think that's the way travel insurance should work.

    Whatever insurance provider you choose, you should read all of the terms, conditions and limits to cover carefully before you decide if the plan is right for you. If you're not sure on what's covered, ask the insurer to clarify before you commit to additional expenses.

    Things to look for: if a plan does include coverage for travel delay or missed flight connections, the coverage available may depend on a number of factors, including waiting periods, excesses, when you buy the policy, if you knew that there are certain situations which may affect your cover (eg. the airline announcing delays) and if you knew about this before you bought the policy. You may also be limited on cover if you do not leave enough time between flights to make the next flight if you are delayed (usually at least a min. of 3 hours) - whatever you do, check the policy wording carefully for specific conditions.

    It's also likely that the insurer will require you to claim any compensation from the Air Asia first, and if you refuse this compensation or an alternative flight, this may also affect the coverage under the policy you choose. The insurer will take your personal situation into account, including your travel itinerary (eg. what you have pre-purchased) and adjudicate on cover, based on the terms and conditions of the plan you buy. Finally, get everything in writing and keep travel docs if you do need to claim. over 7 years ago

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