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I do video production. I am an Australian citizen. I wish to travel and supplement my income, by doing tourism business videos along the way. I can receive income from online dvd sales worldwide, just wondering how I can do the same, for offering a service?

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    Nice idea and one I've often contemplated. Oh to be paid to travel. Some friends of mine have set up a business called TravelYackie (www.travelyackie.com) and they've travelled all over Australia making flicks for Tourism Boards and travel companies.

    Check them out and see if they can offer you any ideas. Of course, if you're interested in making something along the lines of 'Long Way Round' or 'Long Way Down' in Asia, let me know. I've had this dream to make 'The Long Loop' which would go from Singapore, through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Burma and back through Thailand, Malaysia...... over 10 years ago

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    Im pretty sure they are Australians traveling Australia. I am keen to do international work over 10 years ago

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    In my understanding there are no great short cuts outside ensuring that you contact tourism boards, adventure travel companies before you land and pitch ideas for short format stuff.

    One distribution channel to pitch to them is branded content on airlines. You could go out and shoot 'city trips' ( things to do when you've only got a day etc) and brand it with the company you're shooting for. You then look to push this to airlines as license free 'filler /destination content'. You can use a company like http://www.audienceintheair.com to help push it to airlines. They'll generally charge the company you shot the video for to distribute, you get paid by the company for shooting it, they get massive exposure on airlines, as well as being able to leverage the content online (web. social media etc) over 10 years ago

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    Check out these guy's websites for some inspiration...


    http://www.thetraveltart.com/ over 10 years ago

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