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I'm thinking of starting out with a volunteer placement to give me structure but would like to travel too, having missed out on the gap year after leaving school I'm coming to it as a single traveller in my 30's. Any advice or suggestions would be really gratefully received, I'm looking to particularly make contact with other people in a similar situation or who have already got started.
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    My decision making on where to go and what to do is a bit more conservative these days, but back in my day...... I would throw a dart at a map of the world and that was were I went. I figured you couldn't really go wrong (except if the dart landed smack bang in the middle of a war zone).

    I then worked for a company where travelling was a large part of my job, and also got to experience some pretty magical places. Now - with family in tow, and knowledge of "what can happen" I still like to go to adventurous places, but I plan it a bit better.

    If you want to start out in a volunteer role, why not look at a few websites to get a feel of whats on offer.

    Projects Abroad
    Red Cross International
    AusAid (Australia)

    I volunteered in Cambodia last year with the Tabitha Foundation - the experience changed the life I view life.

    Review your skills and what you can bring to the table as a volunteer (its not as easy as it sounds) and then do a search on various organisations that could use you.

    Medical? Hospital of Hope/East Timor (any hospital in Africa)
    Logistics? Hands Across the water / Thailand
    Teaching? Numerous orphanages across South East asia and Africa
    Labour? Tabitha Foundation / Cambodia

    Hope this gives you something to start with. over 6 years ago

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    Invest in a couple of guide books. For Europe, Rick Steve's books are good, for example. You're spending so much for transportation and hotels, the cost of a couple of guidebooks is trivial. over 6 years ago

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