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    Funny---I started my year off last June...I'm currently starting month 8...I think not having a strict agenda is best. I had a rough idea where and when I wanted to go (I.e. For me its been the endless summer) and then I just went. I have been able to be so much more spontaneous and visited other countries I didn't plan on. The beauty of this type of trip is that it can be unplanned and be great. I under budgeted. I forgot about the cost of transportation so I'm over. I also flew alot more than I planned. It of course depends on your comfort level but basically I allotted $100/day excluding transportation. SEAsia is a cinch, but here in S America (Buenos Aires) it's harder. Most people I know did NOT do the round the world ticket. Look into it bc it may fit your agenda, but it didn't for me. Hope that helps! almost 9 years ago

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    Wow, how exciting.

    Start with what you're interested in. Do you have a dream location? What do you know already?

    That should give you an idea on how much money you wil need to at least start.

    Have you considered working your way around the world? It means less money to save upfront for. There are a lot of things you can do around the world to subsidise your travel.

    Bar Tending
    English Lessons
    Fruit Picking

    I would advise on a fully flexible RTW ticket to start with once you know your starting point. The ticket should be able to be date changed etc.

    If you plan on hostels, join an association (like the youth hostel association) because you can book in stays along the way and its very economical. Some (across Europe) are also really lovely. almost 9 years ago

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    Some good resources to help your planning:

    for RTW ticketm, check out Airtreks.com
    for reading up on long-haul travel check out Bootsnall.com, meetplango.com and lonelyplanet.com, who I believe just ran an article on that very type of trip. Gooverseas.com is also a good resource for long haul, work and volunteering opportunities abroad too.

    Consider homestays and connecting with locals who are happy to host travelers base don shared interests etc or even locals who would just be happy to show you around for an afternoon or have a coffee with you. Tripping.com has a great community and Triptrotting is also another source in this vein.
    Have fun! almost 9 years ago

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    Soooo jealous! Like the others have suggested, don't plan it all upfront. Travel changes you positively in strange and amazing ways - along the way you may want to adjust your plans to fit your new thoughts, ideas and interests.
    But you have to start somewhere and I'd write down a list of things I wanted to do/see in my life. The real essentials that will make you feel like your life was an amazing one. Then look and see if they fit together... is it one trip, one country or a long journey? It's probably not realistic to fit all of them in one year - what if you picked just 3 and went for that.
    Tunnsey's resources listed above are great. Also consider WWOOFing as a way of connecting with locals and seeing some great places on the cheap. There's some more Q&A on this site about WWOOFing: http://answers.worldnomads.com/search?q=WWOOF
    And finally, come back here are and ask everything specific about places and activities once your plan starts to take shape - at the end of your year, you'll be able to offer so much invaluable info back into the travel community too. It's good karma. almost 9 years ago

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